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I applied to enroll in open high school in the summer of 2004. There was a lot of queue,
they told me to come the next day. I came directly to the house
. My aunt came. Her son had gone on vacation to Kuşadası
He lay down on the chair in front
of him. I took off my t-shirt and lay next to him. I
was looking at her beautiful breasts while her eyes were closed and cool. At that moment, she opened her eyes and
said to me, put on your t-shirt and catch cold. So I said it wouldn’t matter. My aunt got up and said I’m going
to change and went to the room. I turned on the TV. My aunt
came to me and said if you want, take a bath.
I said.Why is it getting better he said.Yes.I laughed.He called me from the bathroom.He asked
for the towel hanging from
the balcony.I took it.I entered the bathroom without knocking.I entered the bathroom door without knocking and extended it from behind the bathroom curtain.Hawluyu and I went to the living
room.My aunt came out after me and went to the room.The
door of her room was not fully closed. .I went and hung up so that he wouldn’t be disturbed.
After 5 minutes he left the room. He went to the kitchen and prepared food.
I went to the kitchen for help, he had a small but nice kitchen. When I took out 3 plates
, he went to Kusadasi to leave his cousin -in-
law and said he will stay for 1-2 days and return. I put the piece of the plate back. It was around 10 pm. We had dinner
and we were watching a movie on DVD. Go to the registry office early, at least go back.
she said don’t stay in the desks. I said ok and went to my cousin’s bedroom. I covered the door and
I was only wearing panties. I just went to bed but my dick was erect. I was staring
at the door … The moment my aunt caught my mind, I started to shoot it thinking about her. Then I guessed the devil poked her. I got up and went to her and lay down next to her . The smooth legs in her nightgown made me very angry. While I was slowly taking my hand to her hips, she suddenly opened her eyes and said what are you doing. I was red. I said sorry. I said my head to the pillow . I intended to go to bed, he took my hand and brought it to his hips,

I was surprised. All of a sudden my other hand went to her breasts and suddenly it came on me. I got courage and
kissed her lips. Seeing that I was underpants, she said I
guess you came prepared and she got up and turned on the light. We were both
naked. We immediately did the 69 position. My pussy was pretty hairy. It was watering when I licked it. Then
she lifted me up and saxo He said let me know when it ‘s free.
Ok. I said.Then she lay face down on the bed and I was laying on her,
licking her breasts and rubbing my dick. I lay on my back on the bed
and told her to sit on it . I sat her down and fucked her like this
. We handled the 1st post. This time I said let’s do anal. He said no. This
time he lay on his face and we did legs and shoulders. It took 5-6 minutes. I went and
when I was about to ejaculate, I took it out and ejaculated on her
breasts. That perfect image is still in my mind.
I said to my aunt, who was lying face down on the bed, in the dog position, and she immediately straightened up. I rubbed the pleasure
juices flowing from her cunt into her ass hole. Then I licked her inside her ass. I
poured all the saliva in my mouth into her ass hole . I suddenly straightened up and
tried to root it in his ass but it was too tight. But half of it got in and I rooted it with a second
move. Within 2 minutes, we both ejaculated at the same time
. Then we fell asleep hugging each other exhausted. I
woke up early in the morning, I went to the toilet without looking at my aunt . I came
back . I saw her while she was sleeping, mine was left again. I went and gave it to her ass
He woke up at the same time and said, are you not full yet? I said how can I get enough of you. I pressed on your ass
. I lifted her up from her waist when she was about to ejaculate . Her head was on the pillow and her ass was
in the air. I placed my dick between the lips of her cunt. I guessed it
was very narrow and
warm when I inserted it in that position.
.then I went
to register without even taking a bath. I meet my aunt every Wednesday and fuck her until

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