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My aunt

Hello, I would like to tell you the story I lived with my aunt.
I am 18 years old. If you ask my aunt, my aunt
is a 30-year-old woman as beautiful as the models. I really like my aunt, but I have never
looked at her with the wrong eye. but one day I was at my aunts. I had a mac
, I was tired and hungry. I went to my aunts because there was no one in our house.
(also this story happened 2 months ago). Anyway, I went to my aunts.

My uncle was not at home, he was working and he said he would come home late. My aunt has a
son who is 5 years old. his son was at my aunts that day. so there was only me and
my aunt at home. My aunt prepared food for me and told me I’m going to the bathroom
. I was up at that time to get water. While I was going to get water,
I passed by my aunt’s room, it wasn’t completely closed. I saw that my aunt was wearing
a red bra and a red thong. After that moment
, my aunt started to look at me with another eye. My aunt couldn’t see me
because her back was turned to me. Of course, mine got up immediately when I
saw my aunt like that, because my aunt really has a physique like a model. He’s roughly 1.72
tall, with long curly blond hair and lush green eyes.
Especially those eyes that look like they have silicone, they are so beautiful that I
can’t describe them. Anyway, I continued.

When I saw my aunt like that, of course, mine got up immediately.
You didn’t mind, I watched him for a while and took my water and continued my meal.
My aunt was in the bathroom at that time. While I was eating my dinner, I couldn’t get my aunt out of my
mind. I was saying I wish I could fuck him once. I wish I didn’t have my aunt
, I would give her a nice fuck. On the one hand, I was saying come to your senses,
Hakan. I couldn’t stand it any longer and I started to watch my aunt through the hole in the door
, how she was taking a bath. When I saw my aunt so naked, it was
as if the world had stopped. I could hardly even breathe. she was squinting her
eyes. Just when I was about to take a shot, my head was on the door and he
did it. My aunt immediately looked towards the door. I was so afraid
that something would happen.

I immediately turned on the TV and pretended nothing was happening and started watching TV.
After 10-15 minutes, my aunt came out of the bathroom and went to her room. suddenly
my aunt threw me into the room. I was very scared too, I think he understood and I
was saying to myself that he will ask me to account. Anyway, I went to his room. my aunt
wore a white body and a white short for girls. both her shorts and
her bodysuits were officially attached to her body. her eyes
were showing, she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her waist was also
so tight for the girl and it was such an incredible thing. Of course, I pretended to be ashamed to see my aunt like that
, but what was going on inside of me? My aunt
said what is there to be ashamed of because I blushed. I said what happened, aunt, why did you call

At my aunt, we said, Hakan, can you put my body tile on my back? I said ok
. His body was already very attached to the girl and her body. I was in my head while applying my aunt’s
nose cream. I started by throwing my hand on my aunt’s nose
. my aunt said. He said, “My dear, put your hand inside your body so you can’t rub
it all over my back like that.” Of course I
was doing what you said. My aunt’s back was so soft and hot, I couldn’t stand it.
mine was already up and was dumb. I was careful that my aunt didn’t say ‘
ass ass’. because I was very afraid. I was always looking at my aunt’s ass
while applying cream on my aunt’s back. I was about to explode
. Anyway, after I apply the cream, my aunt, I am very sleepy.
said. He said I’m going to lie down for a while, he said wake me up in an hour.
That’s when I said: Auntie, I’ll go home if you want.

He said no, no, he said, if the phone or something comes, you can check it out, because I’m very sleepy and I
don’t want to wake up. I said ok. Anyway, I started watching TV
. but my aunt could not get it out of my mind. i couldn’t
forget her taking a bath and that bodyen kimkisa short. I could
n’t stand it any longer and went to my aunt’s room. I just looked and my aunt
doesn’t have a quilt on her ass. She looks at me and says fuck me. I called my aunt two or
three times to make sure she was asleep or not.
There was no sound from my aunt. mine just got up at that time and it was very
hard. I wanted to evacuate immediately. and I started pulling 31. Then I
suddenly thought of something I heard on TV. for women
The most beautiful thing when waking up is that he gets bored the moment he wakes up.

It was an incredible feeling. they said die on TV. I couldn’t stand it
either, when my aunt was so half-naked when her whole body was visible.
I collected all my punishment and started to undress. Slowly and very
carefully, I began to pull my aunt’s shorts up. It was as if the world had stopped, I was
breathing hard. I had very little short again, and suddenly my aunt
moved and I was afraid that she would wake up. thank god he didn’t wake up. I would then
go ahead and hit download the short. My aunt’s ami was so
beautiful. He had no hair, he was a gentleman, he had just gotten his hair. I
took great care of my aunt and laid her on her back.
I tried to fuck my dick very carefully , but it didn’t work, my aunt acted at that time.
ah, now he’s awake, I said, frightened. but he didn’t wake up. Then I suddenly
decided to kiss my aunt’s lips. I said to myself, I
don’t care about the world, if it wakes up, let it wake up.

because I really couldn’t stand it. and risk everything. I started kissing my aunt
. starting around the amen and up to your lips. then my aunt
woke up to see what’s going on hmmmm. I immediately started licking your cunt. He said what
‘s going on in the room, are you crazy, don’t do it. I kept licking him and
he was making a sound again, hmmmmmmm ohhhh. He suddenly pushed me
and slapped me and said, “Are you crazy, what are you doing?”
My aunt was very confused. He was counting curses at me and slapped me again. I
immediately hugged him and lay on my back on top of him. Then
I said Auntie, have you come this far, I’ve seen every part of you, I’m in love with you
like crazy. I said please no one will understand. I said look aunty please
I’m begging once, I said please. He said no, are you crazy and I got another
slap. But I started threatening. I told everyone what happened
and you asked me, I said, and I said that you threatened me and
told me bad lies to my mother, I said I did everything, I said to my aunt.

my aunt was suddenly surprised and said you can’t do this, no one should believe it. I
said too. I said to my aunt, believe me, they would believe me so much. He said to me, isn’t it enough for you to watch me
in the bathroom? I was suddenly shocked. He said as if I didn’t understand that you were
watching me and said I saw you looking at my room.
I said no, first. I said I didn’t do anything like that. water said to me.
he told me you were seen in the mirror when you were in the room. I couldn’t say anything more.
then he said something inside me, if you’re going to fuck off, he already knows everything. and all of a
sudden i stuck my dick in my aunt’s beautiful pussy. my aunt squealed
first. I started to fuck her with an attitude and slowly.
my aunt started to stir. but I started to fuck him like that. my aunt
suddenly he started saying ahhhhhhh ufffffff don’t quit, keep going. he had left the chips too
. my aunt started to flow.

I guess since when hasn’t he been bored? then i put my scar on the hanger and
started to lick it. While I was licking his amina, he was flowing like that ami.
My aunt told me that if you tell anyone, I will kill you. I said do
n’t worry, my auntie, if my parents hear about this, then we will die anyway.
and I started a nice sim on it. I was the happiest person in the world at that moment.
I fucked my aunt all over her ass amindan tits. My aunt told me
this was the first and the last time the next day. but i threaten him and still
fuck him and i will keep on fucking

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