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work as a vice principal in a high school in one of the central districts of Izmir . I am one of the youngest teachers in the school. Since
I am the deputy director, members of the conservation association often come to my room. The
president of the association , Mrs. Sevil, is a 36-year-old married woman with two children. But the difference
is that she is a very cheerful and relaxed woman. She
doesn’t pay any attention to whether she comes to my room or sits down. He
wouldn’t mind if his underwear would be seen, his breasts would be seen through an open- collar blouse. She comes and
sits across from me in a tiny skirt, showing her undergarments as if they were. She bends and
stands in the square as her breasts are.

The Conservation Society decided to organize a meal for teachers and parents to mingle . They agreed with a hotel in Çeşme. The weekend
will be spent at the fountain. They would go in the evening on Friday and return on Sunday, and
have fun together during the day and at night. When I said that I couldn’t find an excuse because he would have a lot of money,
Sevil said it wouldn’t happen right away.
I explained the situation and he replied that I reserved a place for you from the quota. After
talking to my wife, this time my wife did not want to come. I spoke to Seville again
, my wife doesn’t want to come, I said what am I going to do by myself. He winked
and said, “You won’t be alone, we’ll find a solution.” It was clear from his gaze
that he had a demonic thought. not to be disappointed
I tried not to get my hopes up too much.

The appointed day has come. After making our preparations, Sevil, her husband and
a friend of hers set off in their car. Seville and I
were sitting in the back. She was wearing a tiny skirt, as always.
I wanted to put my hand on her legs and caress them. How beautiful those
white legs that had just been trimmed looked. Every time I saw a loved one, my
dick got hard again and started to show through the pants. I didn’t mind as I was always
sitting behind the desk. But this time he
might notice, and I didn’t know how he would react.
He was very cheerful and relaxed as always. While talking and laughing, he was holding my hand with his hand,
putting his hand on my leg, taking my arm and hugging me sincerely.
Although her husband saw what was going on, he did not care.

On the way, we stopped by Urla to buy something. We were not in the city
. Sevil, when her husband and friend get out of the car, she looks at the hardness in front of me and says
if you want to open your zipper, go out, relax a little, cover yourself with your jacket, you will not know
, my husband and his friend will not understand, don’t worry, you
will be ruined until the fountain.
I could see in the interior mirror of the car that my face was red with embarrassment. Sevil, don’t be ashamed,
what more surprises do I have for you, she pulled the mini skirt a little higher and
turned her legs towards me. He wasn’t wearing any underwear. Her cunt looked
great with rose petals slightly parted between her white legs.
When I said I want to kiss, she looked at her husband’s side.
they were still inside the shop. He said come on then hurry up. I grabbed
her hips with my hands and started kissing and licking her cunt’s lips
. He was stroking my hair with his hands. Then, come on, that’s enough,
now they’ll understand, and he said, “Save your appetite for the fountain.”
The corners of my mouth were wet from his wet pussy.
“I love you so much, my darling,” he said as he took a handkerchief from his bag and handed it to me. I said you too.
Now we were talking like two lovers, my dear, my love. Seeing her husband
coming, she straightened her skirt. Her husband said that the fishing rods they were looking for were not here
, there was a shop a little further ahead and they would go
there. When they’re gone, Sevile told me she wanted to kiss him.
We started kissing. I was stroking her cunt with my other hand. He
unzipped my zip and took my dick out, after stroking it with his hand, he
bent down and started to lick it. She told me that she did this because she loved me
, that her husband had never licked his dick until now, that
showing them their underwear at school was always to impress
me. I thanked him by kissing him. After a while, her husband and
friend came and we set off again. I was very happy. Sevil
showed me her cunt from under her skirt along the way.
So I went outside with my dick under my jacket all the way to the Fountain .

We arrived at the fountain at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. We went to the rooms allocated to us and
settled in. Seville’s room and mine were next to each other. Others
were downstairs. We went downstairs and ate something. Sevilin’s husband and
friend said that they would go fishing if I wanted, I could come too
. Sevil asked me not to go by making an eyebrow-eye sign. I did not go, saying that it
would be better if I stayed at the hotel to meet my friends .
After the fishermen went fishing, Sevil and I
immediately went upstairs to the room reserved for me. But we started kissing and caressing in the elevator
. When she came to the door of the room, Sevil
asked me to take her in my arms and put her in the room like a newlywed since there was no one in the corridor.
I fulfilled your request. We were kissing on one side and
undressing on the other. We were finally in bed, naked. Sevil
was kissing my lips without ever leaving.
I was stroking her breasts with one hand, her hips, legs and cunt with the other .
Then I started to go down slowly , after sucking her breasts for a while, I
tasted it on the way and reached the cunt that I couldn’t get enough of. I licked it,
stuck my tongue, bit it, but I couldn’t get enough of it. On the one hand, in Sevil, he was telling me, come on
, my darling, fuck me, and it was provoking me even more. In the end, I
couldn’t stand it and stuck my dick in it. Even though I’ve been married for a while, I ‘ve never
tasted such pleasure. So the woman brought the taste of sex. a loved one
I was kissing and stroking from one side. After a while, Sevil
contracted and had an orgasm with intermittent voices, so I could n’t hold back any longer
. After cuddling for five or ten minutes, Sevil
cleaned my dick with a wet cloth, then poured the beer she took out of the minibar into my dick and
started to lick it. When the dick suddenly got up ninety degrees, he couldn’t do
the same thing, but he kept on licking, then he said ok and opened his legs and
sat on the dick, slowly descending and starting to poke.
I grabbed the chubby breasts in front of me and started to suck them while
kissing Sevil from time to time.
That day, I fucked her in the bathroom and in bed many times, including the ass that her Sevili husband could never fuck. the next night and he
At night in Seville, we slept together and made love until the morning. As Sevilin
said, I have never been alone.
She never understood what Sevil was doing at night because her husband was drinking and leaking.
Only his sister knows what’s going on between us in Seville . Because we meet at her widowed sister’s house
and I continue to fuck Sevil.

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