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let’s talk about the story, while I was working intensely in the company with the stress and intense work pace and the
heavy pressure of the warehouse deliveries that had
to end, my attention was focused on the
message when I received a message on my phone; “How are you my life, how are you and your husband? I’m going to divorce my husband, I
can’t enjoy it anymore, if you haven’t divorced yet, what are you waiting for”
was written. To put it plainly, I didn’t doubt it in the least, I replied that it
was a mistake and
“I think you sent it wrong, yes I’m married but I don’t have a husband.” I said I have a wife
” I sent it and after about 2-3 minutes my phone started to ring as soon as I said
hello, my groin pain was officially hurt.
My trousers started to have a hard tone
, I’m sorry , my number was about or something
He said I’m not very nice, but I can handle it, and after two glasses, I said how are you doing, we were already sincere. He said that he wouldn’t call
because the number he used belonged to the company and
he was an architect
I can’t even remember how my hands pressed the keys and dialed the number.

The events that came out with just the word baby coming out of my lips and the
phone traffic of about three and a half hours and the electricity I received was maniacal
, I was literally bumping, we hung up to see you again later
. It was 12 o’clock at night and after 5 minutes my phone
was switched off, I looked it’s his number, I called and he said he missed me,
after hanging up he said he missed me and wanted to talk again
, I asked where are you, I’m at home, ok I’m getting out, I said to
come to
you and as I turned off my phone, just hang up. Without remembering how I
got out, the security guards’ doors, I started to glide down from
the dagger as I jumped into the car,
Where was I going anyway? I don’t know the address? When my phone rang,
I just felt that the sentence “Do you know where are you coming from, do you know the address” was coming out of your mouth with a grin
, and at that moment , I turned to the bahceli junction of the ministries and went to Konya, it
didn’t take me 5 minutes to enter the route of Eryama, I found it by force, pressing the button of the labyrinth of Eryama’s labyrinth. I don’t know how long it took me to climb up the stairs, I felt that he was waiting for me to get behind him and enter when the door I was standing at was opening, he closed the door when I entered, but it was dark, I heard a sound, take off his shoes, he said, take off my shoes and the heat hurt,

a normal looking body with a slightly fishy body,
brown eyes, normal lips, thick woman
, I said hello, I said serdar, I said aysel and
we went inside, we talked for half an hour, when my scar gets
up, I use it without trying to hide it. When I said, he showed the way , and he was waiting
with a towel in his hand when I
was leaving . not despite my insistence

he was saying, but the warmth and wetness of his pussy was obviously
well, and despite all my insistence, when I said it wouldn’t happen, I suddenly got up and
went to the door, you know, he said, I didn’t make a sound, that was the question
that went through my mind while tying my shoes . And I would never freeze, I hope it won’t let go, I was passing it on and when I tied my shoes and opened the door when I opened it and closed it, I froze with the back of the door as I was heading for the stairs, it was looking very sad at my face .

No one can understand how my heart melts when I cling to him and his groaning hugs me and reciprocates, when all of
a sudden a maniacal fishy fleshy body
emerges and his chest is in the square
. I could n’t even say that I
‘m coming,
I couldn’t even say that I’m coming, I couldn’t even say that I’m coming, I ‘m still licking
my pussy we talked a little bit, he caressed my dick with his hands while talking and didn’t let go

if he was a maniac, he bent down again, he took it in his mouth, he started licking and
after sucking it well, he sat on it,
sticking his hips on me like a horse, making him move
back and forth and screaming, then I won’t let go and keep
up. While returning from the sink, I put my dick in his mouth that I washed
and he starts to lick it, I put him on my back on the bed
and take his legs on both sides of my neck and insert it deep into his cunt until you smell it and he screams

maniac tearing was bani Search br bani ıtttırıp want me to exit ICs
dick to cuddle lick and am holding back elelr of yl in she’d immediately
she luring asoka the bani only such month in my mouth InLine description and all
kinds of slang WORDS wovens and shouting discharges to be, I still
was I was hitting am of Ooys that the depressions bosalmıs and b time the ICs
can not begin to absorb the paste my lips am issuing and
Ohhhhhhhh outside the mouth of the tut WORDS, how licks am of
lips my mouth to koparırca in ICs, a bite to bite my teeth,
finger my Tekin while in kılıtorı the suckling Habira of filtered waters
in cenm and, feeling my neck susulu b currently discharges and now
he took my scar in his mouth and started to suck, he was not licking, he was not sucking,
as if it would drain my warm, my scar was wet
and squirming, my wound was wet and
squirming . and he got into his head with the effect of the water pouring out of his cunt , he said, stop there, and he suddenly screamed and stabbed me sooooooo hard , I was hurting and breaking, I was devastated .

I’m hitting my hips and screaming, but when he says harder, I do
n’t want your fuck to be this sweet
and I don’t want to get out of my mouth . she objected and ejaculated when i pulled her hair more violently and hit her ass with severe slaps and then I didn’t ejaculate as if water was coming out of the well when she was drilling in that suction cup I was squirming in my hair, maniac , i was still pissing in my neck and my neck my hands

I still am in the hair, have sex until the morning seven, what he was douy
benım bulimia ızin was giving, any kind of jammed d Pendik would lysosome, shower to
enter a darling me, I breakfast has prepared that the gun and sit
me while having breakfast “Emre” maniac I was startled by’re fucking
because I Serdar that of her step I told him, but he was addressing me with
my name, all of a sudden, anger appeared in my eyes and I got angry, he understood his
mistake and I
said, tell me how do you know me, he shook his head and said please don’t be angry
, I ‘m a friend of the moon that you were with , I told you so much last night about you and when he was here at
my house you were talking to me
I got your number on your phone and saved it, I wrote something like that last night to seduce
you, he said, I was very limited, I said that what you did was not normal
, I already said that I would show my reaction in a positive or
way, but he said I had no ill intentions, I was
telling you so much, I couldn’t stand it. I said I need it, he said, I sent you
a message, he said, he wasn’t looking at me.

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