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It has been 7 years since I lost my wife, I could not take care of myself because of my children’s schools, I
always thought of them, I chased after them, I got them both
married, now I am comfortable, I started to look after myself, I looked around and
took care of the women I liked, I am 50 years old, I do all my housework
myself, some evenings do my wife’s laundry. I used to wear his clothes and
wander around the house until morning. I used to watch myself in front of the mirror
and shoot. Occasionally, my mother
would stop by to help me clean the house.

Again one day she was cleaning and at the same time
I was told that let’s find one and get married, it won’t go on like this. While I was watching TV on the sofa, I was
raising words for him. My
eye caught him for a while, he was wiping the threshold of the living room door. Ah ah now
it must be a young maid I thought I should shut up and fuck. All of a sudden, my father
passed away 12 years ago, I laughed to myself that this woman was hanging around on the ceiling because of being useless
, then I laughed to myself, what a shame and shame 68-year-old
woman has to do with being a dick.

Then, I was very aroused when I was thinking how happy he would be, how much he missed his dick, I
started stroking my dick on my sweatpants, suddenly he started to feel bad,
come on, let’s find a solution if you don’t have a job.
I didn’t like any of the ways I found myself thinking all the time. It could even reach the heart of a woman. I was
dreaming, trying to plan and walking around
watching him. He was 160 cm tall and had a smooth body of 45 kilos
. Who knows how many souls he hurt in his time.

If I had the chance… After she finished her cleaning job, she went into the bathroom in a sweat
. I tried to go and watch it through the hole, if I had the chance
anyway. When I looked through the hole, I could see the world, but I could only see his right shoulder and a
little of his back.
Still , I continued to caress myself by looking a little bit and daydreaming . If I had a little courage, I would go in
and watch him on the pretext of scrubbing his back, but where?

When I realized that I wouldn’t be able to see much, I went to my room and
started jerking off, but I couldn’t relax because my mind was in the bathroom. At that
moment, when the sound of the bathroom door was heard, I looked from the room door, My mother
was going to her room wrapped in a big towel.
I stumbled past her as I was suddenly on her way to the kitchen , and I grabbed the towel as she fell. She froze , stunned, and immediately tried to cover
her slightly hairy, white-filled cunt with her hands .
I gave 40 apologies
the towel and turned and left.

She ran to her room, what should I do and fuck her. I got dressed and
I’m going out, I called out to not come in the evening, I opened the street door and quickly
closed it and went to my right room and hid. I lay on
my bed and listen to the sounds of the house. I fell a sleep. It was past 2 am when I woke up. I got up without making a sound
and leaned against the door and listened outside. There was no TV sound
, it means he went to bed. I opened the door softly and went out, went to the living room
and looked to see if he was sleeping there, he was not there. I went to his room, opened the door very
slowly, and walked in.

I put on a snow cap… I approached her bed in the light of the night lamp and
watched her. She had slipped over the pike, her legs exposed up to her knees
. Huh, if it was a movie now, it would be open to the waist.
I went back to my room and put on a black sweater and snow cap
and went back to my mom’s room. I sidled
up to the bed and grabbed the end of the pike and peeled it upwards. Lying on her side, her hips are on its side,
her nightgown is pulled up to her panties, oh my luck finally got lucky, I
watched her hips and legs for a while, the effects of years were visible,
her legs that had never seen the sun were like milk.

I came a little closer and smelled their legs and buttocks, they smelled like soap
. The arrow was now out of the bow, but with the dice, but by force, I was
going to fuck him tonight. I slightly increased the heat of the heater and
completely removed the pique on it. I looked at her breasts by parting the top of her nightgown.
They were also very white, with the tips
of which stood like large chickpeas in the middle of a brown ring.
Who knows how great they’ll be when they’re provoked and hardened .

It’s like they didn’t sag as they weren’t too big. At that time, he turned on his back in his sleep
, I didn’t touch him much so that his sleep would deepen.
I bent down and sniffed her cunt over her cotton panties, the long-forgotten stink of cunt making
my head spin. Taking a deep breath, I
sent out my hot breath, sighing in his sleep and turning face down, saying enough is enough,
I sat on his hips and pressed his head to the pillow.

He started to struggle… I put the knife I had put on the comedy before his eyes, put
it to his throat and started to tear his panties out.
It began to struggle and struggle under my weight, and when I pressed the blade a little,
it stopped with fear. That’s when I tore off her nightgown as well, now she was
lying naked under me. I lay beside him and began to watch his body, it was
shaking like a leaf. I reached out and started kissing her neck , she was trembling like
an excited, scared chick who was sleeping with her lover for the first time, not knowing what to do .
I was horny as he shivered, licking my way around his entire
back and landing on his hips.

I put the knife on his neck on his back and let it move when he picked it up again and put the
pointed end on his waist, he understood and started to stand still.
I bent down on her hips again and kneaded both of her hips like dough
and opened them sideways and started licking her asshole. I believe that
no one else has touched that hole until this age. He was
surprised at what had happened, he did not know what to do, how to act. Perhaps he has
never heard in his life that the ass can be stroked or kissed.
I started to draw circles around it with my tongue and put it in and out.

I pressed my knee and spread his legs apart and got in between his legs.
I reached out and touched her cunt, and when she suddenly stiffened and
tried to cover her legs, I put the knife to her waist again.
I felt his warmth when my hand touched his lips . I started stroking it lightly,
swiping a finger between her lips
, trying to feel its wetness, it was dry, it would be a dream to wait for it to get wet while trembling with fear.
I pressed my finger into it, it made a uhhhhhhh sound, I started to insert my finger
deep into the cunt, which has narrowed a lot since it hasn’t been used for a long time

My hand under her hips… My finger
was playing with wetness after each entry and exit, I started to put in and out more and faster. No
matter how frightened he was, he began to enjoy it, to want it. I pulled my sweatpants down
to my knees, shook my
legs and undressed before I got off the bed, and when I
sat down on her hips again, my stake-like dick rested on her hips. He started trembling with fear again
and wiggling under me so I went between his legs
and put my hand under his hips and
lifted his hips a little bit.
As if the room was helping me, I grabbed my cock and placed it between his lips and started stroking it up and down.
As I pressed, he lifted his hips a little higher, whether he was aware of it or not
, and suddenly I pressed it to the root and my mother passed the dick.

I stood in it for a while without moving, then I started pumping, the more I
hit it the more watered it was, the harder it got the harder I was pushing. Now that she was on
all fours, I bent down and
started kissing her shoulders and squeezing her breasts. When he suddenly took it out
, he groaned, sokkkkkkkkkkkk, I turned him on my back and took his legs on my shoulders
and rooted them again, Watching the waves of pleasure in his eyes every time I rooted, I was totally
pissed off and I started gushing into him like a volcano
I took it off towards the end and emptied some of it on his belly , put on my sweatpants and left the room, slammed the street door and
walked away from the house. What do I do when I come back in the morning and open the door with my key?
I was dying to think about what it was, what I would find. What I see in my next

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