Some stories are not convincing to me, most are false stories, anyway, let’s get to the point, I will tell you a sex story
that started about 4 years ago and still continues .

We are a white goods dealer. The shop owner asked us to rent the vacant shop next to us .
There was an underwear shop that we knew before . However, because the shop was downstairs in the passage, it was
not doing business and they were looking for a shop. So I asked, because there is a rental shop, they
immediately accepted and started to move. The woman has a sister and
a civil servant husband. I was helping them with their transport with our pickup truck.
The woman’s sister is not that beautiful, frankly, but she had a magnificent
physique and full hips. I couldn’t take my eyes off when I was loading, unloading, bending over the goods, and it was
rearing on my dick.
We all carry it jokingly when we say I had jeans on, thank God.
suddenly and sometimes I pass behind her as I pass through the door, I go
crazy as it touches her soft, plump ass. Fortunately, the transport that we started in the evening
ended at 11:30 at night and they said let’s do the fix tomorrow.
We said let’s get some rest and we went home and I left them at their house.
Their house was so close anyway, I
started hanging out right away on the way home. I had thought of fixing this girl, it took a few days,
and we got very friendly under the pretext of helping them fix the shop.

The shop is over, they started selling. It’s been 15 days or so, we became best friends with the girl
. In the morning he would come late sister opens. Then I hold your hands
, the conversation has progressed a lot, I kiss your cheek, it doesn’t say anything. But I
can’t be sure about the girl, I went to her one evening when she was going to close the shop, she was
standing again, I started to tickle her, she laughed. Then I stopped and
clung to his lip, kissed him, but he didn’t react at all, neither positive nor
negative, while I put my hands on his chest. When there was no response from him,
I quit. He looked to me. He seemed to be going to cry. He said “Shame on you!” At that moment, I
went crazy in case he told his sister and brother-in-law and without even saying goodbye, he
went home with tearful eyes. I was really scared
I was texting on your phone. It was morning and he came, I said hello,
sullen, I worked until the evening and said I like you. When I say this
, I am married, by the way, he knows this.

He told me to have the wire open around 8 pm. Of course, I took your heart until the evening
. I asked why, he said you’ll see, and I was actually afraid, but
I said ok. I said it’s always open, I’m wire. He called me at around 7:30 and
asked where are you, I said I’m in the bazaar, he said come to us. I was so scared
, did he tell his brother-in-law or I said. I asked no, he said come. I said no, he couldn’t
stand it, he told me that my uncle and my sister went to the guest house and
said I am alone right now. He said if you want to do your unfinished job yesterday, come. While
running, I thought whether he was on the road or was he playing me, and
then I thought of calling his brother-in-law. I called and asked him where are you brother
, I said should we have a drink tonight. He said that” I go on a visit to her with aunt”. Now
I ran and looked at the door, I said open the door in your pocket.

When she opened the door, she was wearing a gorgeous red transparent nightgown.
He turned off the lights in the room, lit 3 candles, and was busy with something in the kitchen
. He took me in, hugged me, we kissed, stop for a while, I have work in the kitchen,
he said and went to the kitchen. I couldn’t stand it after 1 minute, I went after him
, he made the pasta, he was making a salad on the counter, for both of us, I
hugged his waist from behind and I grabbed his magnificent hip from behind. I was kissing her neck
and stroking her legs. With one hand on her breasts and just like that, I bent down,
kissing her ass in a nightgown. It was a suit with a thong, I was sticking my finger between her buttocks and licking her with
my tongue. She couldn’t help it she turned towards me
and I pulled the thong to the side a gorgeous pussy watered in front of me and
While I was licking, he was pressing my head and moaning. She pulled
me up and put her breasts in my mouth while I was licking her cunt she took off her bra
and put her hand on my dick and caressed it over my pants. He put his hand on my belt and
tried to open it, I helped him take off my pants in a second and
when he saw my erect dick, he bent down in front of me and took it in his mouth with a big appetite. I
grabbed her by her hair and shoved her up her throat. I couldn’t stand it, so I
lifted her up and laid her on the floor in the kitchen and
spread her legs. I thought I was a virgin, but I never asked her, the room doesn’t say anything and I straightened my dick and
put it in her wet pussy, she said. I
passed it slowly, it was a little difficult and started to strain. I’m afraid that she’s a virgin, but to the bottom
I put my dick out, nothing happened. He asked me to check my blood, I said no, do
n’t be afraid, I’m not a virgin, and as soon as I started to go and come , I felt like it was
going to explode, I took it out and exploded on your breasts like a volcano
. He laid me down and started to suck my dick 2-3 minutes later, my dick
was up again and he went to bed again. I’ve been through it again
and I’m coming and going. He wraps his legs around my waist, I
kiss him on the lips and I smell him while he hugs me tightly , he
pulls me towards him and moans. The groans rose and emptied
so much that I got excited and lifted him up and twisted him. He said don’t think about my back
. He said no even though I wanted it so much and I couldn’t break it
I did it from behind, I fucked it again. As I pressed from behind , it
was like I was going to fuck her ass and just as I was about to cum, she turned and stuck her tongue in my face

We ejaculated together 5 times until 12 o’clock that night.
We still do it if we have the opportunity , but his brother-in-law’s appointment came out. I run into them
from time to time. 650 km away she is staying with her own mother now and
when I stop by we continue our amazing sexs. In my next story, I will tell you
about the memory he told about me to his aunt and then I was with his aunt.

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