hello story readers, this story is completely true, without further ado , let me get into the subject without further ado
, we were very good with my childhood friend and the water
didn’t leak. He was 18 years old. My friend’s sister was 2 years older than us. She said it was the point, I just said, um, do you want to fuck my sister, she said, no lie, her sister was beautiful, her breasts were huge, she told me what I always wanted to do, she told me what I always wanted to do, I didn’t answer, she asked me the same question three times and pressed me together, she said okay, let’s do it together, I said okay, we emptied in their wife and went out There was no one at our house, we traveled until the evening.

We went to our house to do it, I said, how will this work, I said,
I’ll stay here tonight, I said ok, I said, ewe told me by wire, her mother
said ok, then she put on the underwear she brought on her, I
said what will it be, I said, you know what the subject will be, you
will fuck my sister tomorrow but
He said I’m going to fuck you so you don’t say anything to anyone, first I said no, I’ll do a little bit, I thought,
there was his sister in me, I listened to the voice and I said yes,
we were both taking off our clothes and looking at each other He told me to put on your underwear, I put on a white
lace thong and a garter set I couldn’t recognize myself
I said how long will it take, he said until it’s empty, he’ll give me a blowjob
I thought I’d let it out, I took it, I started to lick my dick in his mouth, it didn’t fit in my mouth when I got up, I licked it when I licked it, I
started to like it, but it didn’t ejaculate,
it started to sting all the way to my throat, he left it, he said, turn around now, I’ve fucked my ass, it was at the
level of your dick, I didn’t eat a cock anymore , I
hurt my ass when I saw
it he bent down and licked my hole, I fell into such a wave of pleasure that I could
n’t explain, then he stuck his tongue in my hole and he was squeezing me with his tongue I
couldn’t stand it anymore I shouted fuck me I was surprised how that sound came out of me I was surprised how he
slowly moved his dick around my hole and slowly
pushing it inside I felt the pressure go inside it hurt me it started to hurt me
I was going to give up, let him think about my sister, he said, after he heard that voice
, that big cock tore me through until the end, he squeezed me for
10 minutes, plus my hole got used to it, he would take it all out of me, then insert it
again, then he lay on my back and sat me on it, I was hopping on him like I was
riding a horse. I was feeling like
5 minutes later we got up, he pushed me against the wall and he started
to fuck me. I said it’s enough, I said it’s empty, it won’t ejaculate , you’ll fuck again,
I said bent, then I bent down I took it in my mouth and it started to ejaculate on my face
and so he fucked me until morning We took a bath in the morning and started making our plans, he
gave his sister a drug pill (ie ex ) let’s go sister’s head
We started to be beautiful, we started to fuck her sister, we fucked her sister’s pussy and her ass
, even we both shoved it together, her sister became our bitch,
now she was in our bosom every night, when my friend’s mother got suspicious, we gave her sleeping
pills and fucked
her ass. Then I put a glass of tea in her mother’s ass hole to take the pain out of my own ass. anyway, take care of yourself
, incline, ok byysssss

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