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free erotic videos instagram I’ve been a girl who needed attention since I was a little girl. I’ve been ridiculed a lot of times because of my overweight, and even a little ugly, formation. Now these taunts had come to such an extent that sometimes I couldn’t help but cry. I had such a childhood, but when I entered adolescence, the situation changed a little more. Now my hips, which were already big, have taken shape well, my breasts have grown day by day, my pussy has started to get hairy and I was on my way to becoming a young woman. During these periods, I met with masturbation, sexuality. I was living in a small city, the only way I could get out of this really conservative city was university classes. Throughout high school, I’ve already been a girl who overworked her classes because there was nothing to distract me. As a reward for this, I also did a good degree at SNAV, I won a good part of a private university in Ankara as a scholarship.

My family’s situation was not very good, they were relieved that I won a scholarship. Moreover, the scope of the scholarship was very wide, and the dormitory and meal fees were free of charge. But I didn’t know how to live in a big city like Ankara. Before the university opened, my family and I came, registered and settled in the dormitory. After a while, I returned to my hometown, then I came back, and school started… what caught my attention when school started was that there were abnormally rich and handsome men. Of course, they didn’t even give me a face. I wasn’t wanted much anyway, I was going to and from my classes. Most of my department were girls, and they were all like rocks. I mean, I was grinning among them because of my extra pounds. Dec. There were dating parties and stuff, but I couldn’t go to them with the small amount of money my parents sent.

My roommate Sude and I had become quite close, we used to undress and get dressed next to each other without any shame, without getting bored, because we shared a room. Even I admired Sude’s body as a girl (before I forget, I have bisexual feelings, but I’ve never had a relationship with a woman). Of course, Sude attracts attention because she is a beautiful girl, handsome people always hung out with her. Although he invited me out a few times, I didn’t go. What was I supposed to go and do? I wasn’t a talkative girl, I was always a introverted girl who lived in her own dream world, and I couldn’t attract anyone’s attention like this. This inability to attract attention caused me to badly want to let out the emotions that I was repressing. Every time I found it, in the toilet, in the bathroom, even at night when Sude was sleeping, I immediately slipped my hand into my plump pussy, closed my eyes and had dreams with men who liked me. But what dreams… for example, the dream that a few men randomly walked around me and fucked me in a place that wouldn’t happen, at a time that wouldn’t happen. Rape fantasies… every fantasy you can think of… I kept thinking maybe they would notice me, but these fantasies of mine brought such things to me that I couldn’t keep it in anymore and made me write this story.

I can say that the friends my roommate Sude hung out with changed my life. Meeting them was the turning point of my life. I will never forget, it was a winter day. I was sitting in the garden of the dormitory with friends I met from the dorm, drinking tea and smoking. Sude also came to us at about 22:00 at night, but with two stone-cold boys next to him. One’s name was Murat, the other’s name was Berk. They were so handsome that I was officially down to earth with the boys, but I was sitting quietly, they were opening the conversation, we were laughing and having fun. When the time came to enter the dormitory, Murat kissed Sude on the lip. I understood, Murat’s new girlfriend was Sude. And I said, “I’m so pleased!” I held out my hand, saying, “They shook my hand with their big hands. I was looking forward to masturbating when I fell asleep in the evening. It happened at night, Sude slept like he was high, I think he was a little drunk. So I immediately dreamed that Murat and Berk were fucking me, I masturbated and went to sleep.

A few days later, Murat and Berk were at the door of the dormitory again, Sude did not know, we had returned from class. When Murat saw Sude, he said, “My love!” he hugged, Berk te squeezed my hand. They were inviting us out. Although I didn’t want to go, Sude insisted very much. “All right!I said. We were walking to their car, we got into a luxury Jeep. Murat was driving the car, Berk and I were in the back, Sude was next to Murat in the front. We spent the rest of the day with them. Also, I drank beer for the first time in my life that day, but I didn’t like the taste. But the conversation was going well, I was incredibly impressed with Berk. He was also trying to have a conversation with me. Even the thought that I had impressed such a handsome and rich man made me excited. Anyway, that evening, 15 minutes before the dorm check-in time, they let us into the dorm. So I gave my phone to Berk at the door.

We went to our room, I fell asleep immediately that night, I was still dizzy from the beer I drank. The next day, the message from Berk was ‘Good morning! I woke up with a message. I was ashamed of Sue for some reason. Without paying attention to Sude, I’ve been texting Berk all day. We also made a contract for the weekend, it was just the beginning of the week, and we were constantly texting. The fact that such a man was influenced by me was tremendously honoring to me. The weekend came, Berk picked me up in a state-of-the-art sports car. We had a nice trip all day, had fun, sat in a cafe, he bought me a gift and so on. I was falling in love with Berk more and more. Berk was also interested in me. But I wasn’t telling Sude anything about it.

One evening Berk dropped me off at the dormitory again. We were talking in the car in front of the dormitory and a man kissed me on the lip for the first time. It was a very small kiss, but the taste remained on my palate. Actually, I was incredibly horny, but I controlled myself so as not to let him know my horny nature and got out of the car. Of course, I went straight to bed, masturbated that night, dreaming of that kiss. Now my sexual urges were through the roof, the number of masturbations I did once a day had become 3-4. Of course, there was a fatigue that this also brought. But the only man of my masturbation dreams was now Berk.

And that day… when I remember that day, I still get a tingle in my pussy. Our texts with Berk had now turned into sex. Berk, (What do you have on right now?) messages slowly, (Is your cunt hairy? Where are you stroking yourself right now? My cock is like a stake, I’m pulling 31 thinking about you!) took shape, we were officially having virtual sex. Anyway, Berk picked me up from the dorm that day. I even remember what was on top of me. Of course, I dressed quite normally that day, because I didn’t think about having sex with him or anything. A black shirt, a black bra inside me, jeans and slip-on black panties. Personal care in the dormitory was difficult, we couldn’t get our pussy hairs when we wanted to, we couldn’t do waxing. For her, my pussy was literally like a forest, and there were feathers on my legs. In short, I was never sexy. We traveled again until the evening, we had fun. Then Berk said, “My love, it’s still quite a long time until the entrance time to the dormitory, shall we go to me? We’ll watch a movie! Besides, will you have met my roommates as well?” said. I felt such confidence in him that he said, “Yes, darling!I said.

We went to his house, it was an apartment. We went in. He introduced me to his housemates Buğra and Can. They were just as handsome as Berk. We all had dinner together first. They ordered kebabs outside, and I haven’t eaten kebabs in months. After eating our meals, we moved to the sofa. Buğra brought 8-10 beers from inside. When I told him that I didn’t like the taste of beer and wouldn’t drink it, he left and brought a bottle of Vodka. He said that vodka beer tasted better, mixed Vodka into my beer and gave it to me. And we started watching movies. I was sipping my beer while watching the movie. When I said one, two, three, my eyes were starting to shift. I was immediately shocked because I was never used to alcohol. When Berk saw me looking like this, he said, “Tuba, if you want, let’s go to my room, will you rest?” said. And I was like, “OK!” I said, we went to Berk’s room.

There was a rather large bed. I sat on the bed, and he sat next to me. I had a little headache, and when Berk asked me to lie down, I lay down on the bed. Berk also slept next to me. I wanted Berk like crazy, but I was ashamed of this state of my body. The door was open. When I asked him to close the door, Berk got up, closed the door and came to me again and slowly touched his lips to my lips and began to kiss me. I was fighting back, too. My body was on fire, as if my body had been separated from me. I was on fire everywhere. Berk was on me now and he had his lips firmly locked with my lips, his tongue was in my mouth. His hands were also moving around my body, he started stroking my chubby breasts rudely over my shirt. The more he caressed, I was going crazy, I wanted more. When Berk started unbuttoning my shirt, I said, “Stop!” I said, but in my heart I wanted to continue. “What is it, my dear?” said. “My love, you have friends inside, won’t they understand what we’re doing?I said. “My love, calm down, they won’t understand anything! Besides, they’re already bringing their girlfriends home. Leave yourself to me, don’t worry, I won’t hurt you!” he said and calmed me down. So I let myself go. But I was sure that his friends would understand that we were having sex. But did I care right now? I was about to do what I’ve been dreaming of for years. Even if I was drunk, I was still conscious, and no matter what, I would never touch my pussy!

Berk slowly unbuttoned my shirt. He started kneading my breasts over my bra. “Oh, look at these, I’ve never seen boobs like this in my life, what would I eat these, my love, you’re a perfect girl!” he said, “and started sucking on my breasts. I was going crazy with pleasure, I was going crazy now. So I let it go, now I was pressing Berk’s head with my hands to integrate it more with my breasts. He slowly pulled one of my breasts out. The rings of my breasts are very wide, and the ends become the size of nuts when they swell up. “Oh, look at him, how he’s swollen, how horny, my love!” and he started licking her nipple. I was like, “Ohh, lick it, my love!” I was moaning. As he licked, he passed out, I couldn’t contain the bitch inside me. Now both my breasts are out of the bra, Berk was exploiting them…

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