My husband and I broke up many years ago, I raised my son Tolga. Tolga
is now a very handsome and wonderful boy of 18 years old?? From a young age, we are
more like friends than mother and son.
We share our most private secrets with each other . After I broke up with my husband, I had short-term relationships.
I was telling my son all the details of my experiences in these relationships. She was also
aware of my needs as a woman and she accepted these
relations as normal.

But I feel that you hear a mild jealousy.
I haven’t had any relationships for about a year so as not to upset him too much?? Tolga has a
girlfriend, her name is Sevda, she is an incredibly beautiful girl, the same Sheron
Stone, they’ve been together for a while?? Tolga tells me what they do every time
, but as you think, their relationship has not reached the level of the bed
yet, they are romantic, you see?? My son, put this girl to bed
now, I say as soon as possible; he says he will throw it but he doesn’t throw it out?? It was Christmas that day
, there was an incredible storm outside, there was a knock on the door, Tolga
came, his face was confused; I said what happened? He said that he and Sevda broke up
. I was very upset, obviously he needed to worry?? At that moment
the electricity went out, only the fire of the fireplace was illuminated,
we took our drinks and went to the fireplace??
-Tell me now, what happened?
-We were alone with Sevda, she undressed and came to me and
started kissing my lips. Then he bent down and took my cock in his mouth and started sucking??
-Lovely?? He’s obviously an itchy cunt, I’m sure you put the dick he wanted in all his
-No?? I could not do it?? I didn’t get my dick??
-How come?
-I don’t know, I don’t understand?? I was in love with him, at first I wanted to make love slowly,
but when he suddenly wanted to be fucked, I was cut off, I couldn’t take it?? He
also made fun of me, I was completely demoralized. I came out and came here.

My poor romantic baby’s problem was really big,
I caressed his hair affectionately and said don’t worry baby.
Of course , one day you will meet a woman who will understand you . And you will give him the greatest pleasure with your magnificent dick

-Is there such a woman, mother, he rested his head on my chest, I was
stroking his hair. We stayed like that for a while?? It was clear that he wanted to ask something,
after a brief hesitation he asked??
-Mom?? What do you think about incest relationships? After this question,
I felt my heart beat faster, I swallowed. The answer I was going to give was very
important, it would determine our next life.
-Many see it as perversion, but if you ask me, it
‘s a natural phenomenon; I said if both sides want it and can enjoy
it, why not??

My son’s finger was lightly drawing circles on my cunt while I was saying these
?-I think just like you; He said??Then he straightened up, our
eyes met, I stretched out, I placed a light kiss on his lips, he
swallowed, our lips connected for the second time, this time our tongues were in each other
‘s mouth, it was a long, passionate kiss?? Meanwhile, Tolga’s
hand was constantly pinching my pussy. So I grabbed his cock, it was still
soft, he obviously needed help,
I bent down between his legs and took it in my mouth, felt it harden after a few licks??? This
time my son started licking between my legs, I was
raging with the pleasure of what he did to my clitoris, his tongue slowly from there to my navel
also slid on my breasts??? Then he kissed my lips again, at that moment
his hardened cock entered between the lips of my cunt?? I was about to go crazy

-You’re great, my dear son, don’t stop?? uhhhh?? blow your mother away from pleasure
-Do you think you were the most amazing woman?? β€œI made a mistake looking for pleasure elsewhere
,” he continued pumping.
It was the most enjoyable orgasm I ‘ve had in years . But my son was not getting enough, he picked up his speed
once; then he got behind me and this time he started to fuck my ass??
I can’t remember how many times we fucked until morning that night . But the next morning
I realized that I was in love with my son, and he was in love with me too. After that, neither Sevda nor
any other woman was saying, “There is only you for me.” I entered the new year
by fucking my son, as you can imagine, that year and
the years after that were all spent fucking with him??

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