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Hello, there are those who remember from
my previous stories . I
would like to tell you one more
memory that I went through a year ago. There was a married woman named Hülya living in the site where we live. Since her husband is a sailor non-commissioned officer, she often
went to work. I have been longing for dreams for a long time. somehow I had to fuck reverie
, but sitting in the garden of nasıl.b day site reverie me called out
I said I’m me, help comes istedi.b career immediately for replacement bulb
and a white Buckets and under mini when she opened the gittim.kapı
I vardı.g skirt inside and bulbs değiştirdim.iş I finished Then Hülya
said sit down and I’ll serve you something cold. So I sat down and both of us sat down.
He brought a coke and we drank it. He kept his legs apart while sitting. My eyes were on
his legs and between his crotch. He wasn’t wearing panties . He said look, let’s
talk frankly. I was kissing her and stroking her breasts and legs. Later, I took off her bodysuit and started to lick her breasts from the bra. I took off the bra and now those full breasts were in front of me. I started to hear moaning sounds. The room was not empty. The room was not empty, she was playing with my dick and trying to take off my pants. I started to go down slowly. .I took off your skirt and

I started licking her cunt. The sounds of moaning were making the room ring.
Hülya ejaculated into my mouth with a violent contraction while I was licking her cunt. It was her turn
, kneeling in front of me, she took my dick in her mouth and started to lick it. As she licked, my dick got huge and I burst
into her mouth. She licked them all and swallowed. I started
rubbing my dick.
Hulya couldn’t take it anymore. She was saying ahhh ohhhhh uhhhhhh
sounds. So I fucked my dick. I started git geller. the room
kept up with me and was moving itself back and forth
. After a few tides, we both ejaculated at the same time. He took my dick back into his mouth
. After cleaning my dick for a while, we went to the bathroom together.
I was soaping the back of the dream in the bathroom. I soaped her breasts and she
started to moan again. I turned it in front of him and stood up. He was soaping me and I was
soaping him. I was turned on too. my dick started to move. While soaping the hulya
, my dick was putting pressure on his pussy. His moans increased . I put my dick
in the dream’s pussy and started to come and go again after a while,
the dream came out and
then me. room fuck my
husband, my pussy be a victim to you, he said, this is

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