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Soyun beni, alay et beni, lütfen beni! telgraf i am a 27-year-old married woman of 6 years, my wife and I got married with love and we have a very nice relationship about two years ago, my wife’s older brother had a son who went to secondary school at the age of 16, he came and went a lot, because our homes were close, he loved me very much, he called me aunt, he didn’t say anything else, I loved him, he was very sweet, his eyes were heavy, I thought it would hurt a lot when he grew up with blond hair. Sunday Sunday was very far away and I took him with me because it would help, he said if you make me a cake in the evening, he loves cake, he said ok, what’s easy from this, we got off the public bus, it was crowded, but we found a place to sit, anyway, it was the market. Sunday. I was going to go to the market, the market was very far away, and I took him with me on one condition, I’ll help him if you make me a cake in the evening. He loved cake, he said, ok, what’s easy from this, we got on the public bus, but we found a place to sit anyway.( ) It was evening and we still hadn’t finished our Sunday, we came to the stop with 4 bags, and the bard was angry at me, because my cake wouldn’t catch up anymore, I was trying to give him a pep talk, wouldn’t i do it tomorrow, no, I want to eat tonight, he wasn’t saying I shouldn’t go without eating, I was desperate i accepted, but first we had to get home, we waited a while, the public bus came, it stopped, but there was nowhere to step, we got on helplessly, saying we’d go standing or something, about…( ) we had half an hour on the way, now we were relieved, I called out to the bard standing behind me, let’s see, you had a chance, we’ll have time to make a cake, oh, man, he smiled, he said you’re the one, he said to me at that moment, I felt strange, because my wife constantly called me Decanter, hearing this from someone else, it warmed me up, now she stops at every stop, she was collecting everyone, we were no longer able to breathe, we were narrowing down, now the person in front of me and the bard behind me had started to contact me at the last stop, when 4 more people got on, we were now stuck to each other in front of me i was trying to tell the woman that there was nothing I could do by apologizing to the woman, we’re all in the same situation, my daughter was saying it doesn’t matter, but while we were talking, the Bard behind me didn’t have a snap, but I was starting to realize something, because my hips were touching the bard’s crotch, I knew his grudge was normal, he was a man, and he had an organ, my skirt was baggy and thin without pressing, I only had panties under me. so I was feeling his organ until I became a woman, somehow squeezing myself to enjoy that moment, saying he couldn’t relate to me, squeezing my hips and leaving, thinking that the man behind me was a big, muscular and strong person other than my husband, I was officially trying to satisfy myself, but I forgot the bard who was already attached behind me while I was doing them, and it didn’t occur to me that he would be affected when I was doing them, because I felt his organ getting even bigger when I was doing them.() since I couldn’t turn around at that moment, I was guessing that what was behind me was like a stick, so I took a Dec. to my movements, but the bard had no intention of standing idly by, officially moving his dick by squeezing himself, his dick gets steeper every time he squeezes, and he was pressing my hips over my skirt, I said to myself, what is this boy doing? it was dark in the air, he could do whatever he wanted, he felt his breath on my neck and tickled me, because he was getting into me well, I was wet now, but I wasn’t showing it to him, I was in a great vortex of pleasure, I was confused, as if i was on an irreversible path, I was saying, on the one hand, dick, where is the big boy, I wanted to get my hips out of his groin with a movement and put an end to this negativity, but what remedy, as I played, the room was doing what I enjoyed, I thought, he made it up between them, pushing harder, pussy, officially dick’s dick. i wanted to stop this negativity, but what remedy was it? i thought the room was doing it because I enjoyed it. i’m officially a dick. i’m a big dick. i’m a big dick. i’m a big dick. i’m a big dick. i’m a big dick. i’m a big dick. i’m a big dick. i’m a big dick. i’m a big dick. i’m a big dick. i’m a big dick. Dec. he was on top of it i knew by feeling that it was throbbing, every time it throbbed, his head was applying pressure from my skirt and panties to my pussy, officially the boy was driving me crazy, I could step with the tip of my left leg, he was on the ground in the air, and I was tired, bard hınzır came out faster than I ever expected. Now everything was clear, and that child was starting to feel my warmth, I couldn’t control the waters of my pussy, the bard who felt it had come very insidiously without showing it, he was relieved. I understood this when the head of the dick pressing on my pussy was suddenly covered with warmth, as if the room confirmed it, pulling itself with slow movements made my left leg press down, I broke down, pulling myself out and thinking only of myself, I realized how much pressure it was applying to me when the air entered behind my groin, pulling myself out thoroughly, it was obvious how much they were sweating when my hips got air, but they were burning, and now we were about to come home. Finding an opportunity, I put my hand behind me and checked my skirt, it was slightly wet, obviously it was the Bard’s semen dish, it was smeared on my fingers, I pulled my hand out and I was holding on to the iron, a voice inside me ordered me to smell my fingers, lick them, as if I had licked my fingers without anyone noticing, and we came home urgently, blocking the way with a bag, shame and guilt on his face, he blushed, I came to the door of the house, he gave me the bags, obviously he wanted to run away, he guessed that I would be angry, where were you going to eat cake i said never mind, he said I should go, I took the bag, I saw the front, I saw the obvious wet front, why is it wet, I never said( ), he looked into my eyes, he said I didn’t do anything, he said don’t get angry, he was scared, he entered, let’s see what happened, I walked out hard, aunt, I did it unwillingly, don’t tell my father, I said come in and I tried to relax, I sat down in front of me, and he was still trying to hide his front, let’s talk now, look, what you did tonight is a very embarrassing situation for the wife of a human uncle, never like this, I did it unwillingly, I did it unwillingly, I started to say, come in, and I tried to relax, I sat down in front of me, and he was still trying to hide his front, let’s talk now, look, what did you do tonight is a very embarrassing situation for the wife of a human uncle, never like this i said does he think about things, he was listening to me with his ears, I kept going, you’re too young, experiences like this push you into perversions at a very young age, and there’s always a desire to do this on buses, which opens up a lot of trouble for you. Besides, I said that your flesh is not leg, what are you doing with your small neck, I said that we would almost embarrass everyone by pushing on the bus, I couldn’t help it, I’m very sorry, he said don’t worry anymore, I said I forgive you on the condition that I don’t do it again, but never do anything like that again, neither to me nor to anyone else, I said that not everyone takes it naturally like me. Did you take it naturally, aunt said yes, I said because she was inexperienced, maybe the woman could enjoy it, but it’s still a very wrong move, because you’re both young and you’re my husband’s nephew. So he asked me with surprise, saying did you enjoy it, actually, I wasn’t expecting this question from him, he was surprised, if he didn’t ask any more questions, I’d tell the truth, he swallowed and started listening intently, of course I enjoyed it, I was a normal person, I’m young and beautiful, I told him that if he didn’t want a man’s dick to be in contact on my pussy, it affected me as it would affect any woman, and then the naughty boy squeezed his cheeks and smiled, saying was the woman who felt that thick thing unaffected. My friends kept saying that, I said what did they say, he said that my thing was thick, I really said yes, he said, then let’s go to the bathroom to wash, since you’re empty, you should wash, I picked it up by holding his hand. My intention was to see his thick thing, we went to the bathroom and we both got in( ) , I said, let’s get undressed, he was very surprised, he said he’d be ashamed of you, you weren’t ashamed on the bus, I said naughty, and I started taking off the child’s clothes, saying come on, I’m your elder, don’t think about such things anymore and don’t repeat it again, comforting the child, let’s finish washing, we’ll make more cake, I said, I took off his pants, his panties were suddenly dirty, what’s that, I said, you turned on the tap too much, I was laughing, saying, anyway, he was still watching me, now he had only wet panties, now I was holding him on the edges between times to see his grudge, I was going to take it off, don’t get mad, Dec, but I’m being weird again he said, I immediately took a look at his dick, he was really getting up, so even though I warned him so much, I said, are you watering me again, no, but he unwillingly said that I’m impressed. Then I said take it off no, please don’t force it, he said no, this is the punishment for what he did to me tonight, and you’re saying it’s big, let’s see what he pushed me out, let’s not know, I said he was desperate, he was still standing, I immediately lowered him by grabbing the sides of his panties, I bent down, and therefore he touched my face during the impact, he immediately retreated, and he blocked the way, but he couldn’t hide it, I said I’m angry at the bard, let’s see, let’s know what pushed me down, he was desperate., why are you doing this sister-in-law was saying, I grabbed her hands, pulled the released dick was looking at me majestically, at that moment I felt the water leaking from my pussy, so I said you tried to fuck me with this, it was about 14 cm and it was veiny, it was quite big for a 16-year-old boy, there was a sheen of ejaculated semen on his head, okay, I said turn around, I soaped his back, but my mind was on his swinging cock in front, if it wasn’t for the boy, I would have fucked him right away, but I had to curb myself. When I was coming back, aunt told me to get undressed, I was shocked, I said what are you saying. Don’t be angry, but I said I’ve never seen a naked woman, I said absolutely not, but he took courage from me, he was pushing.

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