I’m Murat from Germany, I have a sister-in-law named Emine. A beautiful woman with perfect body measurements
is married and has two children.
We come and go all the time. Of course, every time we go, I get a lot of 31 stuff because Emine is at home. Every day I go to the kitchen
to smoke. Emine was laying the
plates in the dishwasher bent in front of me, she was wearing a little
tight tracksuit and her waist, we
were completely nose to nose with her hips because her back was turned to me. she had nice and wide hips, a better look when she bends

she came out, suddenly i put my hand on my scar and
I was looking at her from the outside of my jeans, she suddenly turned around, I took my hand away from my wound but
it was as if she saw it, I didn’t give it to her, then she leaned forward and those stone-like
breasts looked like she had a white lace bra in her but her breast
ends came out a little bit. For days, I used to dream about that image and shoot
it, I would go there every chance I get, I would always try to capture similar images , one day he
was wearing jeans again and there were black
tights in it, I was constantly looking at his feet, how those feet were lying in those socks,
after a while we had a big argument, sure and we never
spoke, we didn’t see each other, I called him right here when I was alone at home
Come, I said , there are urgent things we need to talk about, he wondered, I ‘m
coming right away . As soon as I sat down, I approached her and pressed her throat with my two hands. I said, do you know who you are playing with, don’t do it, it hurts, she said, I grabbed her by the hair, I hit her on the floor directly on the carpet, I lifted her skirt and palmed her pussy I Squeezed her out of her thong I squeezed out of her thong, I screamed and screamed. tears were coming from your eyes, your shirt

I opened her front and took her nipples out and I started to bite her ends because she was
hurting,,I took off her thong in one move I was putting 3 fingers in
and out of it fast fast,it was perfect but
her pussy was like
he said do it honey, I got up, I undressed, I put the wound on him, I put the wound in his mouth, he was going to choke on it, I
ejaculated and I sat down, I lit a cigarette and he was lying on this
floor so he was silent, he looked at me and got up, he
slapped me hard, he turned his back and bent a little, if I could eat He said eat like a shit
man, I got up, I messed it up, I started on the chair, fingering
His ass hole was moaning with pleasure, when it was well watered, I put my wound on
his ass . He enjoyed it so much that he called me the other day, I’m so bad, find a way, let me shout for 5 minutes, I ‘ll slide to him again as soon as possible.

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